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Banana Splits

Banana Splits is a program that provides information and support to students whose families have experienced divorce.  Frequently, the stress experienced after a divorce becomes a distraction to students and affects their ability to take full advantage of their education.   The Banana Splits program brings students together in a group to talk and listen to each other’s feelings, and to receive support as they adjust to the changes in their families.


The school social worker and the school nurse facilitate the groups.  Curriculum is developed from several sources to provide a foundation of education, understanding of family dynamics and the stages of grief.  A blend of discussion and activities are used to make the information understandable and useful in helping to adjust to family changes.

Kindergarten Family Math Night

Kindergarten Family Math Night is a fun interactive night for our kindergarten students and parents.  Students and their parents rotate to different stations where they participate in hands-on math activities.  Many of the activities can be done at home.  These stations strengthen math skills and provide a fun opportunity for parents an students to work together.  Check the October calendar for the date.

First Grade Family Science Night

Highland Primary family science night is held in February for first grade students and their families. The Highland High School science department organizes and presents many educational, entertaining, and hands-on projects.

Family Reading Night for Grades K-1

Highland Primary family reading night is an evening of various thematic fun filled activities for K-1 students. Often the activities include guest readers, book fair, physical movement stations, book walks, crafts, living books, accelerated reader, and more.

Second Grade Family Math Night

Family Math Night is a fun way for second graders and their parents to learn math together.  The purpose of the night is to promote a positive attitude towards math and to give families ideas to practice math at home.  Students and their parents rotate to hands-on stations that focus on a variety of math skills.  Look for more information this March to register for the night.

Growing Up Well

Growing Up Well is a program aimed at educating students about healthy, safe and responsible choices.  Lessons are facilitated by the school social worker.  This program also aims to educate students and give students the tools to and permission to say “no”, and make healthy decisions in regards to drug and alcohol use.  Growing Up Well lessons also address peer pressure, feelings, bullying, accepting differences and making good choices.  Lessons are presented using puppets, stories, videos, discussion and activities, and occur in the classroom with the classroom teacher present. 

Peace Builders

Highland Primary has a character education program called PeaceBuilders. The program is comprised of six basic principles: Praise People, Give Up Put-Downs, Seek Wise People, Notice and Speak Up about Hurts, and Right Wrongs, and to Help Others.
A PeaceBuilder Launch is held in September each year to introduce or remind the students of the principles. Then the PeaceBuilder concepts are reinforced through daily discussions, reciting the pledge, and classroom games and activities. Besides the Launch, the schools also participate in weekly PeaceBuilder breakfasts and Peace Week, which is held in April.We are very proud of our PeaceBuilders program. Since implementation, discipline referrals have decreased, and we have noticed an increase in empathy in the children.PeaceBuilders is a smaller part of our district’s VIP program. PeaceBuilder's Pledge.

Speech Therapy

The speech pathologist will conduct a speech and language screening to include:


1.     all students in Kindergarten

2.     any student whose initial screening results indicated a developmental speech pattern.   The student will be monitored through teacher and speech pathologist collaboration.


If screening results reveal a need for further assessment, parents will be notified by the speech pathologist.   If you have questions or concerns, please contact the speech pathologist in your child’s school.


Highland Community School District #5 also offers developmental screenings for preschool students throughout the year. Speech and language skills as well as cognitive and motor skills are screened through this process. Appointments can be made by calling Highland Primary School.

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